Galactivator: Ashley Avery with El Jardin de la Paz

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Ashley Avery is the founder of El Jardin de la Paz, The Garden of Peace, a retreat center for the study of medicinal plants located in the jungles, near Tarapoto, Peru. In this interview, Ashley shares insights about the value of working with medicinal plants, about healing as being an integrative and expanding process that requires, in striving to heal ourselves, that we also reach with intent towards healing our relations, as well as with forging deeper connections with our surroundings: our communities, the natural world, and with the planet as a whole.

I lived with and worked alongside Ashley for a span of three months at El Jardin de la Paz in 2015, and was constantly inspired, and amazed, by his endless reach to embrace life by living to the fullest through action, creation, and empowering others to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Does it call to you to visit El Jardin de la Paz? Visit their website El Jardin de la Paz to find out more. And enjoy this interview!

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